Associazione ROMA – Rehabilitation & Outcome Measures Assessment
Associazione ROMA – Rehabilitation & Outcome Measures Assessment

Terapia Occupazionale e Obesità: Revisione Sistematica


L’obesità è una delle priorità di sanità pubblica a livello globale. Obiettivo dello studio era quello di valutare l’efficacia della terapia occupazionale nel migliorare le attività di vita quotidiana in generale, così come lo stile di vita e il tempo libero negli individui con obesità. Nonostante le evidenze limitate, lo studio ha dimostrato una sostanziale efficacia nella soddisfazione occupazionale, nonché nel miglioramento della salute fisica e mentale e nel promuovere uno stile di vita più salutare.


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Lo studio “Evaluation of the improvement of the quality of life and daily life activity in obese patients: A Systematic Review” è stato pubblicato sulla rivista Sense and Sciences



Obesity is recognized as one of the major public health concerns in the world. Being overweight restricts participation in everyday life occupations, as it entails difficulties in planning time spans required for movements according to task demands. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of occupational therapy in improving life standards and everyday life in general, as well as lifestyle and leisure in individuals by obesity through a systematic review.

The research was carried out on Medline, Cinahl and OTseeker. It includes all articles where the treatment was performed by the occupational therapist, individually or in a team, on patients, both adults and children with obesity and / or overweight.

This review includes a selection of five studies. It is interesting to note how the occupational therapy can play an active role on four specific aspects: improving quality of life, improving performance areas and occupational satisfaction, promoting physical, mental and social health, adopting a healthier life style.

Even though there is a limited amount of evidences, it has been demonstrated how occupational therapy can substantially contribute to reduce the impact of obesity on all aspects of daily life activities.


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Bagaglini J, Parente M, De Santis R, Fabbrini G, Sansoni J, Valente D, Tofani M, Galeoto G. Evaluation of the improvement of the quality of life and daily life activity in obese patients: A Systematic Review. Senses Sci 2019: 6 (4) 904-921. doi: 10.14616/sands- 2019-6-904921

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